Why FFF?

It seems that a free-floating coin is better since you can always buy or sell it at the market price. However, there are some disadvantages of this system and many pros of P2P buy/sell offered by Famous Fox Fedetarion token market.
Cons of coin circulation on exchanges (like Raydium, DEXLAB, etc.) and pros of P2P exchange (like FFF):
  • Large investment in the liquidity pool. To start trading on the exchange, you first need to provide the token with a liquidity pool, which is usually 20% of the total supply. That is, with a maximum supply of $30M $BRICKZ - the liquidity pool is about $600,000, which we could spend to develop the project. Because we have a small number of NFTs and holders, we decided to abandon the liquidity pool and allow holders to trade with each other directly.
  • Possible speculation. When you have a token with low liquidity on the exchange, it is easy to pump and dump it. In the case of a P2P exchange, there is almost no such possibility.
  • Strong influence of external factors and panic selling. When the entire crypto market falls, it pulls utility tokens with it, as people sell off all their assets in a panic. This causes the price of the token on the exchange to plummet. In the case of a P2P exchange, the coin remains more stable in such cases, because there is a buyer who is interested in the growth of the coin.
We understand that despite all the advantages of FFF you would feel more comfortable exchanging $BRICKZ on an open exchange. So, this is a temporary solution and as the project develops, $BRICKZ will be listed on the exchanges.