Halving Periods

To keep tokenomics stable and the ecosystem healthy, we have calculated halving periods that reduce the emission of new tokens and consequently reduce future staking rewards.
  • After each halving period, the staking rewards will decrease by 50%
  • The first halving will happen after 1M $BRICKZ have been distributed OR the phase 3 has been started.
  • The next halving will happen after 2M $BRICKZ have been distributed OR the phase 4 has been started.
  • Then the distribution windows will get 15% smaller every cycle.
  • Halvings
    • 1M $BRICKZ(+2M) OR The Phase 3 (creating minifigures)
    • 3M $BRICKZ(+2M*0.85=1.7M) OR The Phase 4 (the Academy)
    • 4.7M $BRICKZ(+1.7M*0.85=1.45M)
    • ...
    • Towards a max distribution supply of 28.5M (subject to change based on reward mechanisms)
  • This ensures a healthier ecosystem, keeping the issuance at a fair price relative to $BRICKZ.