There are lots of burning mechanics in place that reduce the circulating supply & increase the value of $BRICKZ through scarcity.


Build all parts of Minifigure (heads, body, legs) and get the Metafigz Citizen for 2000 $BRICKZ, which increases staking rewards.
When you build the Metafigz Citizen all your parts (head, body, legs) are burned, which reduces the amount of supply on the secondary market and increases the floor price.
Planned supply that has been emitted for staking and has not been staked will also be burned.

🏛️Metafigz Academy

Train your minifigs in the Academy for some $BRICKZ (TBA) and get a profession of varying rarity. Rarity affects your salary in $BRICKZ (staking rewards).

🏠Metafigz Properties

Build a house out of $BRICKZ (TBA) and rent it out to get more staking rewards.

📦Online store of merch and real constructors

We will develop our own merch and plan to produce real minifigures and houses that you will own as a real constructor, which you can buy only for $BRICKZ.

🔫$BRICKZ-only mints

In the future, we’ll have designated side collections, that are only available in $BRICKZ. A certain percentage of $BRICKZ will be burned to further decrease the supply.

🎲Raffles and Auctions

Holders can buy raffle tickets for $BRICKZ and have a chance to win blue chip NFTs or whitelist spots. Auctions are held in $BRICKZ. A certain percentage of $BRICKZ earned from the auctions will be burned.

🏙️Metafigz City

In the future, we plan to establish a city of built houses and create our own Build-to-Earn game, where in-game purchases will be made only for $BRICKZ.