An SPL utility token running on the Solana blockchain and powerd by Metafigz.
$BRICKZ is a deflationary utility token that is the lifeblood of the Metafigz ecosystem.
$BRICKZ is used for staking, building minifigs, training at the academy, building houses, buying future collections, merch, and will be used as internal currency in the online store, raffles and auctions.
Metafigz NFT holders are entitled to numerous benefits. Those who mint the genesis collection, which includes the Metafigz citizen head, can initially stake their NFT for $BRICKZ, the project's native token. By generating $BRICKZ, holders can mint future Metafigz collections consisting of the body and legs of a Metafigz citizen. The head will generate 8 $BRICKZ every day, while the body and legs will yield 4 $BRICKZ per day. $BRICKZ will be utilized in numerous ways. Using $BRICKZ, holders will have the opportunity to win or purchase blue-chip NFTs or WL spots. In addition, goods purchased through the Metafigz store will be denominated in $BRICKZ. Moreover, holders can utilize $BRICKZ to construct a house that will allow them to earn more $BRICKZ. Furthermore, once the basic Metafigz Citizen is constructed (consisting of the head, body, and legs), owners can send their NFTs to the Academy to train for a profession. The NFT acquires a random profession of different rarity after training, which influences the staking rewards its holders gain.