• The initial supply of $BRICKS is ZERO
  • The maximum supply is 30M $BRICKZ
  • The only way to earn $BRICKZ currently is by staking in our Playroom
  • $BRICKZ is a deflationary token, which means that the emission will decrease, according to the halving periods
  • $BRICKS is listed on the Famous Fox Federation token market, so there is no liquidity pool, and the price is based on community supply and demand (will be launched when staking starts)
We noted that at the moment $BRICKZ is not listed on public exchanges and doesn't have a liquidity pool. However, this is a temporary solution and as the project develops, $BRICKZ will be listed on the exchanges, so we allocate 20% in advance for the future liquidity pool, as well as 10% for reserves and 10% for the creation of new collections and development: